Poem #5: Forsaken

To be, or not to be: that is the question – William Shakespeare, Hamlet

The rain drenched me as I touched the sand,
the sea had never been so tempting,
calming my nerves.
And for once, I decided to embrace it.
My feet left traces on the sand,
and the rain washed them away.
The relentless rain pushed me away too,
for I didn’t touch the sea.
When the sun shone bright,
and the rays woke me up,
I trusted the night, a nightmare.
And even though the pain persisted,
the life was smiling ahead.
For all the tears that trickled down,
were wiped off in the rain.

I often go down that night,
and think of what life could’ve been.
And every time I tell my mind,
that the life wouldn’t have been.
To sleep forever to mend the heart,
is a childish fantasy.
For broken hearts are mended with love,
just love and love only.
And the greatest love is love for life,
that I had learned.
I forsook my wretched past,
for the love that I’d earned.

There are nights when I cringe at
the thought of your hands etching
their marks on my skin.
For love, I had truly loved
And love became you.
And so in love was I,
And so blinded too.
I seldom dwell on my past,
to see what it could have been,
But love, you never loved,
So love wouldn’t have been.

I seldom go down the memory lane,
But no! I don’t stay for long,
I forsake you for the sake of love,
And that love, I forlorn.
I am no damsel in distress,
and you, not my knight.
I am an ocean carrying tempest,
Undoubted of my might.
I forsake you for the sake of life,
And the life, I shall hold on.
For you were but a passerby,
And your name, I forlorn.

I woke up this morning,
My eyes saw the light.
And with a  smile on my face,
I erased the night.
And love I have embraced,
For sake of my life.
For heart is only mended
with love, love for life.





4 thoughts on “Poem #5: Forsaken

  1. Wow, i can’t believe you just published that.

    Thank you so much.

    The timing is…I needed to breath out.

    The way you managed to end it so sweetly too….Made me smile.

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