The one I lost

To lose your pet is inexpressible, there is no mourning or grief. There are just solitary moments of tears. 

I once scribbled something about how he was getting old,
and found chewing difficult.
A few months later he passed away.
I wanted to write about how he was so special,
and how much we adored him. I couldn’t find the words.
I checked the drafts and saw what I wrote earlier,
it was painful to see the present tenses.
We were prepared for the inevitable,
but when it came, it shook us.
You are never prepared for Loss.
You think you are,
but it always takes you by surprise.
And so he left.
And we shed our tears,
and we caressed him and said our goodbyes.
We had prepared ourselves for his death,
But we forgot to prepare ourselves for his absence.
And after 24 days, I am able to write this

Dearest Dara,
We loved you so much and we always will.




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