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The other half

Half a glass left resting on the table for two,
Half a conversation yet to come from you.
Half the time spent in waiting,
Half the dreams spent in anticipating.
When the time arrived, only a half of it did.
A chair left alone in the corner,
Flipping through half a book,
Drinking half a coffee,
Spending half a night reminiscing on our stars,
With only half a smile and only half a heart.



I was swinging to and fro,
running up and down the hill,
trying to catch them all,
and I did, at least the most of it,
but it never brought me peace.
I scratched my head and asked myself,
“Is that what I wanted?”
“Yes, Oh, Yes!” My head would say.
but then why I still feel haunted?
My face now paled,
and so much on my plate,
I’ve forgotten the clock striking,
and forgotten my funny games,
it’s not consuming me, I am sure.
But is it worth it?
Yesterday I read on someone’s T shirt,
“Carpe the fucking Diem”.
And for once I thought, it would set me free,
and save me from this mayhem.
My teacher used to say,
“You can always leave”
And I want to, so bad.
I want to shrug it off my shoulder,
and run for the woods and run for my life.
How do I end this?

#8 – About last night

And then to see the ceiling a bit too high,
To feel the floor sinking deeper,
And to be unaware of directions.
Insanely aware of  memories,
And unaware of their narration.
Waking up, adding two and two together,
Feeling the symmetry, and my head again.
I buried those memories,
And buried their narration.


There are circles in my mind,
And an angst, for I can’t sort them.
All the whiskey in the world won’t help,
My heart’s on fire but  bruised by treachery.
And love was all I had.
Seasons have passed,
and I can’t love again.
And if my mind erupts like a volcano,
I can drink in peace.


Hold on! Wait! Look at the smile,
Do you see any complains?
I have wandered for too long,
Did you see me going astray?
I am sure you didn’t.
You never looked close enough.
So here I am, bewitched-
A spell so dark, so alluring,
Can you see me flinching?
I am sure you can’t.
So here I am,
Smiling. Wandering. Drowning.