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#8 – About last night

And then to see the ceiling a bit too high,
To feel the floor sinking deeper,
And to be unaware of directions.
Insanely aware of  memories,
And unaware of their narration.
Waking up, adding two and two together,
Feeling the symmetry, and my head again.
I buried those memories,
And buried their narration.



There are circles in my mind,
And an angst, for I can’t sort them.
All the whiskey in the world won’t help,
My heart’s on fire but ¬†bruised by treachery.
And love was all I had.
Seasons have passed,
and I can’t love again.
And if my mind erupts like a volcano,
I can drink in peace.


Hold on! Wait! Look at the smile,
Do you see any complains?
I have wandered for too long,
Did you see me going astray?
I am sure you didn’t.
You never looked close enough.
So here I am, bewitched-
A spell so dark, so alluring,
Can you see me flinching?
I am sure you can’t.
So here I am,
Smiling. Wandering. Drowning.

Should I tell you?

So many questions on my mind,
Why the right words are so hard to find?
It’s easier to express on paper,
Speaking up needs more valor.
Afraid I can’t do so much as to hint you,
But I shouldn’t be blamed at all;
You’ve got me so high on love,
I just can’t risk the fall.
Should I tell you or should I not?
Perhaps, I should not.