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To all men

There is a little less freedom,
You would find it unreasonable.
I say, be a woman for a day.
Not more than Eight in the evening,
I was walking down a busy road.
Talking to my mom on phone,
Loving the family drama, she loves to tell.
She has stories for everything,
And so do I.
I am living a life, and I don’t wish a life sentence.
Crossing paths with a few aimless men,
I dread it. We dread it.
I crossed a group of men standing,
And I cussed to myself,
Why ATMs are so deserted?
And while on phone, I kept moving.
Their eyes followed, and my heart stopped.
I took a step back, dropped the idea of giving the rent.
That fear, that disgust, that helplessness, that anger,
We live with it everyday.
And so when I say, we have a little less freedom, agree.
When I say, we need Feminism, agree.
Or live as a woman for a day.
Just for one day.



Trying to be funny

I tell you what frustrates me,
Irritating Hashtags – some with spaces, some without.
Unnecessary VDA, to which I have no doubt.
The Happiness posts that people boast about.
This is just the beginning, read on
Everything they are offended by,
Ignorant yet opinionated.
Share or like otherwise they’ll die,
Seriously? One prayer equals one like?
Butchered English, Funny Hindi
When will they learn to write?
All the ‘mahs’ and the ‘uhs’,
They’ve fucked up the basic rules.
The religious posts,
The political outrage,
Discrimination and hatred,
Mockery on outrages,
Outrage on mockeries,
This is what frustrates me.
Let the philosophers think,
Let the thinkers speak,
Let the scholars write,
You need to read.

Am I clear enough?

Who are we?

The fight doesn’t stop,
The fright doesn’t go away,
Who are we? Soldiers or Tyrants?
We are being dictated names,
Printed on our badges.
Is that our new identity?

I think we are blind,
The colors are too bright.
Orange, orange everywhere,
Green, green everywhere,
Together they form Red.
Isn’t it sad?
Our blindness and our pride together?
Are we doomed, doomed for life?
Who are we? Nationalist or Extremist?

Isn’t it sad, there’s no ONE God?
It must be hard for God to identify himself!
Am I Allah or Krishna or Christ?
Stuck in the everlasting plight.
Who are we? Humans or Castes?

We are dangerous, ignorant creatures.
Like Dodos we follow,
Let’s call dusk morning now!
Dusk is morning! Dusk is morning!
You say Defame! We’ll defame,
You say Kill! We will kill,
You say Praise! Hell, we’ll praise.
I think we’ve turned into parasites.

Who are we?
Children of God?
God deserted his earth long time ago!
We are pitiable creatures,
Ready to eat our own flesh.
I don’t see Orange beneath Orange, do you?
Because when the river flows,
It bleeds Red.

Who are we?
Who are we?
We are nothing.
Insignificant in this vast universe,
On mercy of one smite.



Does the British really owe us?

When Shashi Tharoor expressed his views on the motion –This house believes Britain owes reparations to her former colonies, I must say, I was stirred and highly impressed. He said everything to the point and with great eloquence. The debate made a fine impression, a just impression if we look at it emotionally; but is it rationally right?
Yes, our countrymen suffered- They suffered the atrocities of the British Empire, the damage done to them physically, emotionally and psychologically can never be repaired. But do we really have the right to just go up to them after 68 years of Independence and say, ” Hey! You know what? You owe us.” I mean for what? Why do they owe us for anything that their ancestors did?  How do we get that reparation, when we were not the ones to suffer?
They ruled us because they could. It is NOT morally right, but that does not give us the benefit of being the victim, because we are not. We took THIS long to get our freedom back, because we were NOT united. We never have been. The India that we speak of today, has never been a one nation. It has always been about castes and religions and grudges. Weren’t we always slaves? The Mughal invaded us. Alexander invaded us. Then there were more. And what did the Kings from different states do? They fought with the other states. They made British their allies to defeat their Indian contemporaries.
Come on! We were not united! British ruled us because of this fact. Does “Divide and Rule Policy” ring a bell?
What was right about India anyway, before the British rule? Riches? The Kings had the wealth. The poor were always poor. They were always slaves and there were always kings who exploited their kingdom. What are you going to do? Find the descendants of those kings and ask them for reparations?
Not to mention the condition of women in India then. I believe there were social reform movements AFTER the British set its foot in the country. They improved the condition of women. We must not forget those poor decisions that our leaders made that led to further tragedies in the country.
Mr. Tharoor said, ” A mere “SORRY” would suffice.”. What will it change?
Bhagat Singh died with the hope that after his death the country would be united. What happened instead?
Emotionally, Mr. Tharoor makes sense. Logically, he doesn’t.
I don’t say, what British did, was right. But asking for compensation isn’t right either.
The hatchet has been buried. Why dig old graves when there are skeletons in our closet too?

I think, we need to develop on our own and then slap them in their face.

Well, this is my opinion on it. What’s yours?


One of my favorite quotes from the speech, Dr. Shashi Tharoor made:

No wonder that sun never set on the British Empire, because even God couldn’t trust the English in the dark.


Mr. Tharoor would have nailed it if he had said, “You owe us Billions, but even an acknowledgement of the fact in the form of an apology would suffice. But you know what, We don’t need it. No apology, no reparation. Not today, not tomorrow.”


Finally I had the chance to watch the much talked about controversy ” India’s Daughter”. To be really honest, I was shaken and disturbed terribly after watching it; I had known everything in the documentary (which, by the way is a movie in itself) all along, but watching it was a lot different. Even though the movie failed to cover a lot of things and focused on the background of “Nirbhaya” and Mukesh’s opinion on the rape, it still succeeded in conveying the mindset of the society that we live in. History has been evident on how we have struggled to make the people understand the term “equality”. But we have continued to fail. With the strictness in law, the killing of a girl child, female infanticide, honor killing, etc. have indeed come to a halt, or we can say, have reduced significantly; but the mindset- that hasn’t changed. Sadly so, we are still living in that archaic society where a woman is not respected but treated like a tool. Since the incident, a lot of statements by a lot of people came to life, out of which, most blamed the victim for “going out”. This is more saddening, because these statements were not made by some education-deprived, slum resident, but by the people in power- those people who we need to assure us that security. “Girls shouldn’t go out after 6”, “Girls shouldn’t wear western”, “Girls shouldn’t roam around with guy-friends”. These are some of their defense statements for their heinous crime. How do you reason with that? This thought ” A girl needs to be in her cultural limit” (Which I have no frigging idea about), prevails in 60% of this country, male and female. How are we going to change the mindset of so many people at once? The protests, well they are helpful in sending a message to the government, but the country? I don’t think so. We are a country where 50% of us are below poverty line, that amount of population of our country- do you really think that these people could care less about what’s happening in the country? They fight daily to meet their ends, they won’t care who died, who got raped, who protested, they wouldn’t know. It’s very hard to make people aware of things happening on a psychological level. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, before someone can attain esteem, they need to be completely equipped with food, shelter, security, health and other basics. So it becomes pretty difficult or even impossible to make them understand the meaning of women empowerment, not to mention the latest video “My Choice”. They won’t get it. They can’t get it. It’s bullshit for them. They are too busy in their “way of living”. Strict Laws! I think, this is the only solution. Videos? Well, it won’t help. Majority that watch such videos are already in favor of women empowerment and equality. The one thing that I realized from that documentary is that, the perpetrators belonged to a background where women exploitation isn’t such a big deal. They have lived in a place where they were exposed to brothels, home-violence, molestation and every other degrading acts. So to them, it was a little more than routine. So to end such a thing, you don’t go and film a video, you beat the hell out of such people and showcase their condition to the others. You don’t hide the face of that juvenile, because he is a kid. You hang him too. This is how they need to learn the lesson. I honestly believe, one cannot change the mindset of the people. Nobody is going to start respecting women just because Deepika came up and said few lines about her life and her choice. If they respect women, they do. If they don’t, they don’t; irrespective of what they wear or how they live. I don’t believe in preaching. Yes, we can surely take the kids of underprivileged class and give them a better education, teach them what we need them to know; but if you expect that their dads should learn it too, then, good luck! And why just men? Women too! A lot of women think, mobile phones spoil girls- that they go off limits if they talk on phones or wear jeans. Why not teach them too? The thing is, this problem is deeply rooted in this country. You can’t wish it to disappear. You need to adapt. I don’t say give up, but I do think, a little balancing will not do any harm. We can’t just stay stubborn and rally naked to prove our point. Of course, whatever we wear is our business and we are not asking for it, but do you really think people living in the slums will understand that? No. Period. They don’t give a damn. They see and they act, they are not going to be all philosophical and they won’t take the higher road. They will act, how they have been since their childhood (Good or bad). Government is so busy banning “Fifty shades of Grey”, “Documentary” and other similar videos that they forget what kind of audience should they really be worried about. The BPL section of our country watches movies like “Ganne ke khet mein”, “Bindaas Aunty”, and I don’t know what else (the names are just so disgusting). My question is, is it safe to let the biased and illiterate section of the society to watch movies that objectify women? Don’t you think, government should rather put a ban on such movies? They should put a ban on everything that objectifies women! We totally need violent actions against such crimes. If you can’t make someone understand something, you then need to sow fear inside them. Change is far fetched. Fear isn’t. I say, give a couple of rapists a third degree in front of the mass- that will help faster. And that My choice video- It’s entirely chauvinistic. Choice cannot be used as the means to achieve equality. No two people are similar and so their choices. Choice is random. Equality is symmetric. There are definitely more important things that can be done for women empowerment, like Education, proper sanitation, contraception. There should be a law that people with weak financial status should not have more than one child (irrespective of gender). They should be taught about the kinds of unemployment. They need to know, giving birth to a boy isn’t going to solve their financial condition. First they will need to invest in the kid. This is way more important than being fat or slim, wearing western or Indian. I could bloody spend my whole life in Indian, if that would bring equality among men and women. We don’t need a miracle that will bring epiphany, screw what they think. We need laws, we just need stricter laws! And oh! There’s another severe situation spreading its horizon in the country- Farmers committing suicide! No one seems to take note of it. Go on, trend it on Facebook and Twitter, write open letters about it, it may ACTUALLY help the Farmers. I am pretty sure trending it will take the news to the Government, and they may realize the terrible and saddening situation of the poor farmers, who have nothing to eat and drink and are committing suicide because of the crop failure. Trend it. No pun intended.