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Trying to be funny

I tell you what frustrates me,
Irritating Hashtags – some with spaces, some without.
Unnecessary VDA, to which I have no doubt.
The Happiness posts that people boast about.
This is just the beginning, read on
Everything they are offended by,
Ignorant yet opinionated.
Share or like otherwise they’ll die,
Seriously? One prayer equals one like?
Butchered English, Funny Hindi
When will they learn to write?
All the ‘mahs’ and the ‘uhs’,
They’ve fucked up the basic rules.
The religious posts,
The political outrage,
Discrimination and hatred,
Mockery on outrages,
Outrage on mockeries,
This is what frustrates me.
Let the philosophers think,
Let the thinkers speak,
Let the scholars write,
You need to read.

Am I clear enough?


In your face

Sir, I wish to intern in your company.
Okay. Tell me about your work experience?

I don’t have friends. Scrolling down 1000 friends on Facebook.

I am not a racist. Did you see that black girl standing over there?

I want to see the world. Broke.

I love to play the guitar. Oh! My fingers hurt! 

I love Mathematics. I hope, I pass. 

I secured 70 percent in my exams. I think this calculator is not working right!

That guy is so cute. I don’t have a life.

You are my best friend. No. Not really.

I want a job that I love. Jobless.

We are an MNC, we provide excellent job opportunities.
We also recruit idiots.

New year, New me! Shut the fuck up and go to sleep! 

Pun Intended.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





“Thoughts that prevailed my mind earlier, fades now. This process goes on and I am here with nothing.”

I was sipping coffee when I was interfered, “So what do you think, I should go for, black or blue?”
I looked up, and stared her for a minute, “Anything you wish to. Both will suit.”

Well, that was a small incident, but there are times when these situations get sticky. Clearly when it comes to making decisions for which career to choose. It isn’t easy for someone like me to make decisions, and to be determined on it.
The only thing I can decide is what beverage to choose. As a kid it was easier to decide, with all that “inkie-pinkie-ponkie” stuff, I could decide quickly. But now since the complexities are increasing, this verse isn’t a solution anymore.
Now I spend hours deciding something, and when it’s done. I change my decision. This always brings me to square one, where I had to decide from the start. Not certain if I’ll stick to it.

I was taking another sip, when she again interfered, “what do you think, what should I go for, beanie hat or fedora?”
I looked at her, brooded , “whatever.”
And I continued with my coffee.

“I just take a shot, wait for the outcome, if it fruits, i cherish it, if it rots, i be it. “