“Thoughts that prevailed my mind earlier, fades now. This process goes on and I am here with nothing.”

I was sipping coffee when I was interfered, “So what do you think, I should go for, black or blue?”
I looked up, and stared her for a minute, “Anything you wish to. Both will suit.”

Well, that was a small incident, but there are times when these situations get sticky. Clearly when it comes to making decisions for which career to choose. It isn’t easy for someone like me to make decisions, and to be determined on it.
The only thing I can decide is what beverage to choose. As a kid it was easier to decide, with all that “inkie-pinkie-ponkie” stuff, I could decide quickly. But now since the complexities are increasing, this verse isn’t a solution anymore.
Now I spend hours deciding something, and when it’s done. I change my decision. This always brings me to square one, where I had to decide from the start. Not certain if I’ll stick to it.

I was taking another sip, when she again interfered, “what do you think, what should I go for, beanie hat or fedora?”
I looked at her, brooded , “whatever.”
And I continued with my coffee.

“I just take a shot, wait for the outcome, if it fruits, i cherish it, if it rots, i be it. “

Make a Wish

All night I gazed the stars, I think I was waiting to make a wish
and waiting for a shooting star. Yes, I do believe. Why? Isn’t that right?
To keep your faith alive, to put your faith in something uncertain.
I find no harm. I think that’s what that keeps the charm.
When I feel hopeless, I make a wish
doesn’t matter if it gets unheard, or not fulfilled,
That isn’t important.  That ain’t the point.
It helps me to fight that moment, It strengthens me. 
No matter how bad that time is, hoping for the best
and asking an uncertain help, strives me through. 

Make a Wish, doesn’t matter if it works,
It lessens the fear,
Drop  a coin in the pond,
or wait for a star all night long,
Just make a wish. 
No matter how crazy you feel,
But inside you’ll feel it real.
It strengthens, It provides that power
that strives you through the darkest hour. 

Don’t lose hope, Don’t fear
Just make a Wish,
Doesn’t matter is it’s unfulfilled
It’s the strength, that you build,
Now that you have wished,
Everything’s will be right,
And you get the charm
To survive the fight! 

And then my longing that night ended,
I wished upon a shooting start,
And hoped in my heart, it’s been granted. Image 


Dooms fail, like all of us know. This world didn’t end like it was supposed to end according to a legendary Mayan calendar. However there’s been an end of humanity, if not humans. With everything that’s happening around us, with all the brutality that’s been now displayed in front of  us, that’s shaking our inner guts, and making us accept, that yes, we have stooped THAT low.

It’s not only about one Delhi gang rape, it’s about all those monstrous acts, that are a result of intolerance, frustration and an inner complex.  People have now shrugged off the tolerance power within them completely, if someone just says “Don’t do this!” They are killed by them instantly or maybe a day later. That is what is the face of this world today.

Delhi gang rape got into public notice, which was good in a way. But a few months back, A small child was cut into pieces by a man, just because he interfered and showed courage to stop a drunk-fight. He was a 12 year old boy, whose only mistake was to say “Uncle, don’t fight here”.  That man felt insulted, that man felt an insult in his complex and all that he did, he called up the boy next day, took him somewhere out, and cut him into small pieces. Was that less monstrous? I mean come on, 12 year old kid!! :/

Some say it’s their ego that force them to do such heinous acts. Ego? Seriously? It is NOT ego, ego is self esteem, ego is self appreciation, ego is all about one’s own self, ego is getting accepted and approved without the support of others, ego is not spreading out hands in front of others, ego is not seeking for help, ego is not hurting others, it’s about proving others. The problem these monsters face is, inferiority complex when fused with frustration. They are aware of the fact that they are no where standing in this society, that they are nothing but the dust, the shit of the society, and they can’t do anything but depend on others for their pathetic survival. It’s when their frustration triggers, as to how the other gets to live and I don’t? As to how the other can point a finger  at me, like I am nothing? And that’s where they turn into fucking monsters.

Had they been egotist, they’d rather work hard to place themselves in the society, and not replace someone by killing or raping them.

It’s not just about intolerance resulting to murders and mass brutality, it also results in self harm, suicide. Students, for instance, nowadays are the best example of suicide. They are impatient, impulsive, intolerant; one C grade, and they hang themselves. they murder each other on stupidest issues. One rejection from a girl and they gun-shot themselves. Why?? Why don’t anybody wants to LIVE a life like ACTUALLY LIVING. Why people have gotten so impatient, why have they gotten so hopeless?

It’s bewildering, it’s sickening, it’s shameful and embarrassing.

Indeed this world hasn’t come to an end, but the humanity is all done for, all exhausted. Now we survive in the world of animals, the more stronger you are, the more you’ll survive. It’s like the earth has just turned into a purgatory, where everyone is now a monster, and to  protect ourselves, we NEED to Fight them.

‘Non-violence’, ‘God will punish them’, ‘they should get a chance to improve’; all these statements should now come to rest. It’s time to be a better villain, it’s time to screw moral values and sue all the bastards, walking this earth, they need to be tortured.


I’m a little bird

I was meant to fly

fly high in the sky

spread my wings and roam the world,

changing paths every year,

feel the freedom and feel no fear.

I was meant to travel, travel free

live the life just being me,

I wasn’t meant to change my identity,

learn the lessons as they come,

and not be caged before they come.

I was meant to fly, and I was meant to sing

I was meant to dance when it’d pour,

I was meant to face it and stand against it whenever it’d roar,

I was meant to learn all by myself,

I wasn’t meant to be caged in name of help.

I’m a little bird,

and I’m caged

captured for years

so that I may stay safe,

Behold now! this ain’t true

This world’s fake, and all they do

glorious it seems, but it’s their wrath,

they don’t want to give up their wretched past,

The past that’s dipped in faith,

That a little bird whenever born,

it’s wings are meant to be torn,

so that it can’t spread them wide

and can’t fly high, in the sky.

So when I was born,

I was put in cage,

to never face the outside rage, 

The world out i’ll never know,

my life won’t get better as I go,

as I’m caged, how hard I try,

my wings are torn and I can’t fly.

I’d never know what lessons to learn

in my life they’ll never come

I’ll be caged forever here

they say you’re safe and there’s no fear.

But I’m a bird and

I’m meant to fly,

fly high in the sky.

Spread my wings and smell the fear

but now instead I’m in tears,

I’d never know how far I could go,

what I could have done, I can never show

as my wings are cut and I can’t fly,

I can’t travel the world

and can’t touch the sky.


I’m a little bird and I was

meant to fly

my wings are cut and my tears dried.



This is beautiful!!

Colors of Chaos

The baby was born, he cried loudly.
The father proudly took him in his arms.
The mother felt weak, and smiled faintly.
The baby cried, and everybody heard.
The father clicked a picture, and pasted it in his new album.

The boy wanted a pen. The boy demanded.
The father took him out and bought color pens.
The mother taught him how to write.
The boy drew a picture, the mother smiled.
She put the picture on the refrigerator.
The father clicked a picture and pasted it in his album.

The boy saw his mother carry a baby.
The boy touched her tiny fingers, laughed as he played.
The father prepared the nursery for the baby.
The mother prepared a celebration.
The father clicked a picture and pasted it in his album.

The boy went to school, he did well.
The boy made friends, he played basketball.
The mother brought…

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The Diverged Roads..

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

These are the lines from one of the most famous Poems by Robert Frost. It clearly has a deep meaning, which I was so unable to understand when I first read this poem at school. Well, this is not actually about the poem, but about the life that is projected after taking the road. We all, at certain point of time are bound to choose one way out of two or many. At every step we take, we are made to struggle with our minds to choose. 

To choose what we feel is right at that time, to choose what we think will be a positive turn out. And we have to choose, because that is what life is all about- choices and outcomes! But sometimes, and in some cases many times, we choose the wrong road. We travel the road that leads us to nowhere, where we feel that this was our biggest mistake. We see no one else taking that route, everyone’s just passing by taking a different road. We can see the smiles on their faces, compared to us, they look happier. We become morose, and wish if we could just get one another chance to start from the point where we made that choice.

But that’s not life. It gives only one frigging chance, and then it gives the result. And we got to live with that, whether we like it or not. 

Sometimes I wonder what if, I cannot find any motivation out of this darkness? What if I just believe This is it? What if I lose all hopes and accept I have taken a wrong road, and yes, there’s no way out and no way going back?

Life seems to halt, when I think about it. So, instead of thinking that, I tell myself, there’s always a way out, if there’s a way in. 

And it is the only truth. No matter what we choose, we will have a way out. No riddle, no maze is forever, it always has a loop hole. All that we require is to work patiently, hopefully and harder! And not letting the darkness dominate us, not letting the riddle to go more complex. All we need is to keep our grapefruit under one umbrella. Its useless to get disappointed by one damn failure. It just don’t end the life.

Life is not only about excelling in academics, or business or any other thing. It is actually about complacence, happiness, consciousness. Everyone comes with a reason, but most of us surrender themselves to the difficulties, darkness and hopelessness. 

Many of us take the road that’s really not a fully-fruited way. But from those many, some really know how to find their way out. They know, that even if they leave holes while paving the path, they will have to move on, not worrying about the holes anymore. They know how to leave their past behind and let it not affect their future. 

And although they take the road that’s gloomy, dull and difficult, they come out as sparks and stars! 

Life is not what is there, Life is what we perceive. Its important to have a positive perception towards life, it is necessary to understand everyday cannot be a day with the sun, we will have dark clouds some day or the other. But we should also remember there’s always a rainbow after the darkness falls!!!!! 

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.