The Last Boat

I can only look back and smile. Sometimes it eases the soul, sometimes it makes me baffled. How time was so kind on me? How things were so simple, no complications, no frustrations! How it was so easy to make up with a friend!

It was a beautiful time, somehow yesterday never bothered me, all that, that was there was today, now, at the moment. I waited for the rains just to row the paper boats, and race. I would ask my grandparents help to make the best boat. And being so proud of it, if it even crossed one level. That gave such ecstasy, such fun. I waited eagerly for the rains just to have a swing hung in the lobby.

It is hard to believe I had no grudges for anyone, It is hard to believe all I worried was my homework and nothing else, It is hard to believe problems just vanished by one smile, or telling it to the parents.

Didn’t realize, when paper boats replaced real issues, when the race became unhealthy, when the homework wasn’t the issue anymore but everything else. I didn’t realize when I grew up. Life just grew too quick!

Now all I can do- I can sit in a nook, close my eyes and think about my best days!  But then, do I really have the time?

I don’t remember the time when I stopped looking at the dolls,

I don’t remember the time when candies stopped fancying me

I don’t remember the time when I stopped rowing those boats

I don’t remember the time when I stopped taking apologies

I just know,

I have left my childhood years behind,

It won’t come back ever

I have walked way ahead of that road

where I rowed my Last Boat! 


Starting with Michael Jackson to Lil Wayne, I believe there have been enough songs to make us realize, if we want to make this world a better place to live, We have to make our own selves better.

I find it really strange and annoying when people criticize the government for the poor planning. I just don’t understand why! Why jump to bigger things and create issues while we still have smaller flaws right in front of our eyes?

Why do we blame the traffic police, when half of us don’t even know the traffic rules?

Why criticizing the over increasing pollution, when we are the first one to throw a wrapper at some station or out of our windows?

Why do we criticize poor planning for the underprivileged, when we feel irritated in just providing them some food and water?

These are the basic problems. These are the problems created by us, by our poor and under developed mind-set.

But we, we are ready to stand with Anna Hazare for a HIGHER cause, a cause that would take this whole  era to change a little.

Isn’t it crazy, we speak of honesty, justice, truth, when we have also been wrong at many places?

Everything begins with improving one’s own self, and not by pointing the finger on others.

So I can sum it up in some lines

I’m  starting with the man in the mirror

I’m asking him to change his ways

No message could have been any clearer

If you wanna make the world a better place

take a look at yourself 

and make a change!